How are scores awarded to team players?

Your "Playing team" players score points depending on how those players perform in real life matches. Your team players accumulate points from every aspect of football action on the field such as minutes played, goals scored, assist, saves, man of the match etc.!!

Emergency conditions: If match gets interrupted by any reason, the fantasy scores for players will be updated as per the FIFA rules

  1. No Result : Players will get points for their performance (For X mins).
  2. Abandoned Match : No points will be awarded.
How do I win league?

Teams accumulate points on an ongoing bases based on the real performance of the players in actual matches. The team with the highest points by the end of the match will be declared as the League champion.

Play Match Played 1    
Bonus Play From 1.00 to 44.00 mins 0    
Bonus Play From 45.00 to 74.00 mins 1    
Bonus Play for more than 75.00 mins 2    
Offense Goalkeeper Goal 10    
Defender goal 8    
Midfielder Goal 7    
Forward Goal 5    
Assist 3    
Defense Defender Clean Sheet (Minimum 60 minutes played) 6    
Goalkeeper Clean Sheet (Minimum 60 minutes played) 8    
Midfielder Clean Sheet (Minimum 60 minutes played) 2    
Forward Clean Sheet (Minimum 60 minutes played) 0    
Saves (per 2 saves) 1    
Penalty Save 0    
Penalty Penalty Shot Miss -4    
Goals Conceded by Defender (per 2 goals) -1    
Goals Conceded by Goalkeeper (per 1 goal) -1    
Yellow Card -1    
Red Card -3    
Own Goal -5    
Captain - Points earned by your captain get multiplied by x 2.0    
Vice Captain - Points earned by your vice-captain get multiplied by x 1.5